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BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers: About Us

At BGE, safety is not just an ideal. It’s how we measure our services, both inside the company and out in the field. Our Safety Program ensures that we make our employees, our clients and our community feel protected and valued. BGE’s safety regulations are not static. They constantly evolve and improve to meet our client’s standards and to align with our own internal regulations.

Today, BGE’s safety culture involves more than words on a page or posters on our walls. We have an established Safety Committee that is interconnected across our entire firm. With a top-down organization, our Safety Committee includes board members and leaders of our comprehensive services, ensuring safety regulations and training starts at the top and permeates through the entire organization.

Our safety program is backed by online safety management systems, including ISNetworld, PICS., BROWZ, and more. This safety program and their members lead our job safety analysis, OSHA recordable injuries and near miss incident reporting, as well as our internal programs. Our systems, regulations and training programs react to the needs of our clients, much like the safety initiatives and training programs that spread throughout the connections in our company.

A safer organization does not come without invested and active involvement, but it’s a model BGE upholds for the good of our people and our community. Because at BGE, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

BGE Safety Committee


“To further develop our BGE Safety Program, we have formed the BGE Safety Committee which will help guide all aspects of safety including updating procedures, training, equipment, as well as incident response and analysis. Led by BGE’s Corporate Safety Officer, this Safety Committee will help us achieve our goal of ensuring the safety and health of all employees. I ask that you adopt this adage when you think about safety in the workplace and field: Safety is everybody’s job!”

BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers — Safety

Lee Lennard, President of BGE