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BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers: Our Culture

Bottom up, top down, BGE is about leading in a way that finds the best possible answers to challenges quickly. We believe in good old-fashioned skill, smart work habits, safe operations and innovative solutions. Moreover, we never stop challenging each other to be better.

Our flat organization promotes decision making at the local level. No one has a lock on ideas here, whatever their position. We are always open to thoughtful input. Participation and contribution get attention. Credit is given where it’s due. Leaders lead and support. And mentoring is everyone’s business.

Leadership Philosophy


There is formal leadership training at BGE, but we also develop leaders informally, as part of the daily work routine. This is made possible, in part, by our flat organizational structure. Good ideas always get an audience. Leadership bubbles up from throughout the firm as a result of our openness. Clients reap the benefits—and so do we.


Lee Lennard, Chairman of the Board