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BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers: Our Culture

We don’t compete internally with one another for attention or resources. We come to the aid of each other to achieve our clients’ objectives. Nothing succeeds like focusing all the right support on a clear objective. Since knowledge is abundant here, we supply it where and when it’s needed most. This is how an organization’s flat structure contributes to solution-finding.

Communication, always key to delivering timely solutions, is direct at BGE, as in the shortest distance between two points. And often, ideas that result from such directness flow freely from one project team to another or expert group to another.



When the Grand Parkway Segment F2 schedule seemed impossible to meet, BGE’s project manager called on additional staff from across the state to meet the accelerated schedule. The design included an early construction package where final construction plans for 1.5 miles of toll road were prepared in 4 months. With a focused staff, the team was able to complete the final design for all 12 miles of the segment in 13 months.

BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers — Highlight: One Team

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