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BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers: Services

Creating infrastructure solutions requires us to look beyond an immediate assignment. Nothing BGE designs for public service clients and private developers exists in isolation. Infrastructure is a crisscrossing, reinforcing web of systems and services—water, transportation, wastewater, industrial, and more. Freeways and roads, sound barriers, drains, sewers, lift stations, pipelines, telecommunication and power lines are the nodes and connectors in this web. All are affected by changing conditions, from population growth to normal wear and tear to natural disasters. And all are essential.

BGE is a “concept to concrete” service provider. We have the expertise and brainpower in-house and the experience necessary to create, maintain, and expand community infrastructure. Our services are integrated and supported fully by the required technical resources, and always with safety in mind.

BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers — Connections: Services