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BGE — Brown & Gay Engineers: Why BGE

At BGE, we seek out challenges and apply our community minded approach to see the big picture and uncover opportunities. We are adept at analyzing a situation, seeing it for what it can be and delivering the right response. Through it all, we connect with customers, employees, and communities and do what we say we will do with integrity and commitment.


BGE: Macro-to-Micro View

A Macro-to-Micro View

As consultants, we look at all the components. Our civil engineering and planning professionals take a macro/micro view to address the social, economic, and environmental needs of the greater community. Our full breadth of services and expertise allows us to take a holistic view of a project. Nothing is too big or small to be considered. We get it done and get it right, no matter the scale or complexity.

BGE: We are Collaborators

We are Collaborators

We focus on providing the best solutions through our shared resources to efficiently address our customers’ needs. Our service-oriented culture guides us as a firm, unites our employees, and is the foundation of our approach for solving client challenges. We engage with issues that matter, always endeavor to make each community better, and respond with the strength of an entire company committed to serving our clients.

BGE: All the Tools

All the Tools

We leverage our resources, vast experience, and knowledge to affect positive and sustainable change in the communities in which we work. We bring together a multi-disciplined community of several hundred professionals to offer comprehensive services, supported by science and proven technology.