Falls at Green Meadows

Client: Friendswood Development Company
City: Katy
State: TX
Services: Land/Site Development, Technology Solutions

Falls at Green Meadows covers approximately 243 acres of land in the City of Katy, Texas. Once an 18-hole golf course, Falls at Green Meadows possesses more than 60 acres of landscape/open space, including more than 30 acres of lakes and water features. Cane Island Creek, a restored creek, winds through the middle of the property and serves the community with an accompanying trail system.

BGE was tasked with removing the development from an identified 100-year floodplain of Cane Island Branch, which bisected the property. As part of this process, improvements were made to the channel bank, including the addition of one bridge structure and the removal of two others. After improvements to the Cane Island Branch channel were completed, BGE submitted a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to FEMA for review and approval.