BGE Announces January and February New Hires

BGE, Inc. today announced its most recent new hires to the company. During January and February, 31, employees joined the team as engineers, project managers, interns and more. Below is the full list of employees who recently came aboard.

Ben Allen
Construction Management, Katy
Javier Jaramillo, PE
Land/Site, Raleigh
Marc Segal, PE
Transportation Systems, South Austin
James Berckenhoff
Environmental Services, Houston
Brittany Johs-Gori, PE
Public Works, South Austin
Joe Sunder, PE
Transportation Systems, North Austin
Taylor Dearing
Land Development, Houston
David Kelso
Land/Site Development, Charlotte
Craig Tipton, PE
Land/Site Development, South Austin
Caleb Dougherty
Surveying, Houston
Nony Martinez
Surveying, Fort Worth
Ashley Udelhofen
Land/Site Development, North Austin
Aaron Frank
Surveying, Houston
Merci Medina
Marketing, North Austin
Jamie Vandagriff
Environmental Services, Frisco
Alysha Garcia
Information Technology, Houston
Deven Narayan
Transportation Systems, Frisco
Andrew Vu
Surveying, Houston
Kevin Gibson, EIT
Land/Site Development, Tampa
Chris Pontello, PE
Land/Site Development, Vero Beach
Brandon Wright
Surveying, San Antonio
Tera Gore
Corporate, Atlanta
Warren Primeau, RPLS
Surveying, Frisco
Marissa Wyrick
Land/Site Development, South Austin
JT Hale, EIT
Land/Site Development, Frisco
Osvaldo Rada
Transportation Systems, Fort Worth
Si Zhong
Land/Site Development, Atlanta
Julia Herzog
Planning and Landscape Architecture,
Brian Rice, PE
Public Works, North Austin
Rana Jafari Baghmaleki
Land/Site Development, South Austin
Luke Ryan
Land/Site Development, South Austin