BGE Surveying Services

To further ensure the seamlessness of your project, BGE provides in-house surveying services. Delivered with technical and legal precision, this team-based support gives our clients a distinct advantage—an uninterrupted workflow ensures that everyone is on the same page, quickly and efficiently coordinating efforts.

Our surveying and mapping professionals are attuned to the latest industry technology, like robotic total stations, digital levels, electronic data collectors, real-time and static GPS capability and unmanned aerial systems. With these advanced tools, you can be confident in the accuracy and quality of the service we provide.

Surveying Services

  • Topographic surveying
  • Boundary surveying
  • Route surveying
  • Subdivision layout
  • Construction staking
  • Right-of-way mapping
  • Legal descriptions
  • Improvements surveying
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • GPS control surveying
  • GPS real-time surveying
  • GIS mapping
  • Tree surveying
  • Subsurface utility surveying (SUE)
  • Terrestrial scanning

Unmanned Aerial Systems Services (UAS, UAV)

  • Survey and GIS
  • Topographic surveys and ortho-imagery mapping
  • 3D conceptual data and imagery
  • Volume monitoring and calculations


  • Pre-construction site assessments
  • Progress, monitoring and inspections
  • As-builts

Infrastructure, Environmental and Energy

  • Structural integrity inspections
  • Right-of-way inspections
  • Power distribution and infrastructure inspections
  • Leak detection
  • Vegetation and environmental surveys
  • Traffic analysis

BGE, Inc., is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, and provides professional land surveying services across Texas.

  • Houston Surveying License No. 10106500
  • Frisco Surveying License No. 10193953
  • Austin Surveying License No. 10106502 
  • Fort Worth Surveying License No. 10194416
  • San Antonio Surveying License No. 10194490 
  • The Woodlands Surveying License No. 10194554
BGE, Inc., is also registered as a Land Surveyor Firm with the Georgia Professional Licensing Boards. 

  • Georgia Surveying License No. LSF001348