BGE Public Works

As our communities grow, so do our infrastructure challenges, particularly when it comes to water management. Potable water for our homes and businesses, responsible wastewater discharge, and safe stormwater drainage—these goals require experience, strategic planning, and sound engineering. BGE delivers.

First, we listen to our clients’ objectives and concerns. Then, combining a thoughtful planning process with innovative execution, we provide timely, fiscally responsible solutions that meet the highest expectations of every stakeholder. From design through construction, we earn trust every step of the way.

Water Resources Services

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Program management
  • Large-diameter transmission and distribution
  • Elevated and ground storage
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Dam breach analysis and emergency action plans

Water Resources Project Types

  • Water wells
  • Water treatment
  • Pump stations

Wastewater Services

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Program management
  • Reuse planning and design
  • Permitting

Wastewater Project Types

  • Treatment facilities
  • Lift/pump stations
  • Collection systems


  • Comprehensive planning
  • Program management
  • Regional hydrology and hydraulic studies
  • Development impact analysis and planning
  • 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional modeling
  • Conveyance, detention, and mitigation planning and design
  • Scour analysis and erosion protection
  • Flood hazard mitigation
  • FEMA studies and floodplain mapping


  • Web application, development, and maintenance
  • Asset management