BGE Announces July New Hires

Welcome graphic for BGE new hires in July 2023

In July, BGE, Inc. welcomed 19 new team members! Help us welcome these new team members who are adding value across our footprint in various service lines! Below is the complete list of employees who joined our team.

Sean Atwater
Survey, Tampa

Brett Berno
Environmental Services, Houston 

Dillon Floyd
Information Technology, North Austin

Sunni Goodman
Marketing, Houston

Pierce Gordon
Transportation Systems, San Antonio

Julia Hadley
Land/Site Development, South Austin

Omar (Andre) Herrera
Survey, West Palm Beach

Rick Hite
Construction Management, Jacksonville, AR

Ethan Jones
Land/Site Development, Frisco

Debi Lednicky
Construction Management, Waco

Randy Lemus-Garcia
Information Technology, Katy

Pouria Merrikh
Construction Management, Houston

Lance Neidhardt
Public Works, Houston

Andrew Paderanga
Land Development, Houston

Noah Rouse
Survey, Raleigh

Jong Seong
Public Works, Houston

Jeniveve Treder
Environmental Services, North Austin

Amelya Tyson
Land/Site Development, North Austin

Taikhoom Younus
Land/Site Development, North Austin

Click here to access BGE’s Career Portal to see what’s available and, possibly, join the team today.