BGE Announces July New Hires

BGE, Inc. today announced that 24 new hires joined the team in July helping to strengthen various departments across the company’s footprint. Below is the complete list of employees who recently came aboard.

Lisa Aimone
Human Resources, Houston
Stacy Jenkins
Corporate, Fort Worth
Carlos Alvarez
Land/Site Development, Fort Worth
Trevor Keeble
Surveying, Atlanta
Stephen Anderson
Surveying, Houston
Efraim Mangiwa
Land/Site Development, Atlanta
Andrew Boykin
Land/Site Development, North Austin
Michelle McCloskey, RLA
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Houston
Greg Calkins, PE
Transportation Systems, South Austin
Alex Mercer
Land/Site Development, Atlanta
Michael Cecere
Construction Management, Houston
Allen Pitts
Surveying, Atlanta
Christina Culotta
Land/Site Development, Vero Beach
Korey Pough, PE
Transportation Systems, Frisco
Imani Elston
Transportation Systems, North Austin
Omar Rodriguez
Land/Site Development, San Antonio
Adam France
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Houston
Nick Sikora
Surveying, North Austin
Clark Gauer, PE
Public Works, Waco
Marissa Tulio
Land Development, Houston
Andrew Gourd
Environmental Services, Frisco
Drew Vanderbrook
Human Resources, Charlotte
Dane Hucklebridge
Land/Site Development, North Austin
Eugene Wan
Transportation Systems, Houston

Click here to access BGE’s Career Portal to see what’s available and, possibly, join the team today.