BGE Director of Traffic Engineering Megan Siercks, PE, wins Compass Award

BGE Director of Traffic Engineering Megan Siercks, PE, is the 2023 recipient of the North Houston Association Compass Award.

The North Houston Association (NHA) is a regional business association that connects business and community leaders, leveraging those relationships to work on regionally relevant projects impacting north Harris County and Montgomery County. The NHA Compass Award recognizes an NHA member who has made a significant contribution to the Association’s programs and projects.

Siercks was awarded the Compass Award for her work on the NHA Strategic Mobility Plan, a year-long project she co-chaired with Michael Keck, PE, of LJA Engineering.

“Mobility is always a challenge in an area like Greater Houston,” Siercks said. “At BGE, we take on tough challenges because we are focused on serving our clients, leading on issues and solving problems. The NHA Strategic Mobility Plan identifies specific projects that could help alleviate mobility issues for motorists in north Harris County and Montgomery County. It was an honor and a pleasure to serve the NHA region.”

Siercks and Keck co-chaired the subcommittee that developed a plan of key mobility projects that benefit the region, specifically focusing on the NHA service area. Over a nine-month period in 2022, they met with 25 agencies, cities, precincts and organizations to identify and prioritize top regional mobility priorities. They developed key criteria to rank each potential project in order to determine impact and priority. From there, a short list of projects was developed and mapped.

NHA President Marlisa Briggs said, “One of the primary tools we use to advocate for mobility projects is our NHA Strategic Mobility Plan. NHA and its members use this document to educate as well as advocate for needed mobility improvements in the region. We greatly appreciate the work done by the subcommittee chaired by Michael and Megan.”