Avilla Reserve

Client: NexMetro
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas
Services: Land/Site Development, Planning + Landscape Architecture, Surveying

BGE provided site development for this single-family rental development, popularly known as a build-to-rent community, spanning a vast 20-acre tract of land, in Fort Worth, Texas. The comprehensive scope for this project included entitlements, surveying, civil engineering, and landscape design. Notably, the zoning case for this unique development was the first of its kind for the area, as it marked one of the first build-to-rent communities in the City of Fort Worth.

The drainage of a sizeable offsite watershed needed to be routed through the development. The BGE team developed an innovative conveyance system to successfully reroute the offsite runoff through the development, ensuring not a single unit was lost in the design. With the feat, our team demonstrated a commitment to delivering effective solutions that seamlessly integrate the natural environment with the built environment.

Recognizing the importance of sustainability and green space, our team conducted a meticulous drainage assessment resulting in the elimination of the need for stormwater detention. By skillfully incorporating the natural topography and leveraging their expertise, BGE optimized the site layout, maximizing the amount of usable green space available.

The project provided a unique housing option for the surrounding community and supported the City of Fort Worth’s mission of introducing a new development option to the local jurisdiction.