City of Houston Asset Management

Client: City of Houston
City: Houston
State: Texas
Services: Public Works, Technology Solutions

BGE partnered with the City of Houston to assess their groundwater mechanical, structural, instrumentation and electrical assets.

As part of the project, BGE and its subconsultants visited 82 different facilities – including elevated storage tanks, well sites, water plants and re-pump stations – and assessed more than 3,000 assets. A risk score was calculated for each asset based on the following:

Physical Condition – The appearance of the asset. Are there cracks, rust, etc.

Performance Condition – What is the asset’s capacity, reliability, expected remaining useful life and other factors?

Consequence of Failure – What is the replacement cost if the asset gives out? What are the health and safety concerns if an asset fails, etc.?

Redundancy– If the asset fails or needs to be maintained, is there a backup that avoids impacting the system?

The scores from each assessment and the calculated Estimated Useful Life were used to determine the priority of improvements – urgent, priority, short-term, mid-term and long term.

Based on the results, BGE is establishing an Asset Capital Renewal Forecast Report to aid the City with prioritizing the replacement and maintenance planning of its groundwater infrastructure over the next 20 years.