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Texas Heritage Parkway

Client: Texas Heritage Parkway Improvement District
City: Fulshear
State: Texas
Services: Environmental Services, Public Works, Technology Solutions, Transportation Systems
Awards: 2023 ACEC Texas Gold Award in Transportation Category

Texas Heritage Parkway is a 6.3-mile, four-lane boulevard located in Fort Bend County and Waller County, Texas. It serves as a north/south thoroughfare connecting FM 1093 (near the City of Fulshear) to IH 10 (near the City of Katy). To allow for the continuous flow of traffic, BGE designed the parkway so that it only uses roundabouts (instead of traffic signals) at 9 intersections. Roundabouts not only allow for the free flow of traffic, but because they control the direction of traffic, they are safer than traditional signalized intersections as drivers must slow down to enter the roundabout. By controlling the speed and the direction of traffic, roundabouts essentially eliminate T-bone and head-on collisions. Roundabouts also save money by eliminating electricity and maintenance costs associated with traffic signals. Texas Heritage Parkway also features 10-foot-wide walking/biking trails that cross underneath the roundabout intersections through illuminated tunnels. Spacious grassy medians enhance the pedestrian-friendly nature of the project. BGE has been involved with the planning of this roadway since 2008. Funding is from private developers and Fort Bend County, and other participants include Waller County, the City of Fulshear and the City of Katy.

BGE provided the following services on this project:

  • Preliminary planning
  • Conceptual engineering and owner coordination
  • Drainage study – preliminary and final
  • Environmental review and compliance document
  • Survey control and right-of-way mapping
  • General engineering consultant (GEC), including final design, traffic study, roundabout consultation, and oversight of other consultants
  • Construction management, plan review, inspection and oversight of other inspection and materials testing consultants