The Vintage

Client: V&W Partnership
City: Harris County
State: Texas
Services: Environmental Services, Land/Site Development, Surveying, Public Works, Transportation Systems, Construction Management

The Vintage is a mixed-use development that includes luxury homes, high-end townhome communities, fine restaurants, a “green” hotel, healthcare facilities, shops and the 80-acre Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. BGE provided land and site development services for numerous commercial, residential and medical facilities within the development.

Of particular note is the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve, a pristine piece of land that features a 40-acre lake. BGE designed a road with a parking lot to allow access to the preserve; a 12,000-foot-long, 10-foot-wide walking trail around the lake; and a retaining wall where the trail passes between SH 249 and the lake. BGE designed private water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and a lift station to allow for future park facilities.

Developed by two longtime BGE clients, Kickerillo Development and Mischer Development (V&W Partnership), this 530-acre project is a true manifestation of a team effort. This project began as a private land development project, but quickly expanded to include surveying, site development, water and wastewater infrastructure, roadway design, traffic, and construction management.