Donna Graves, SPHR

The Benefits of Mentoring in Today’s Workplace

When it comes to employee retention and engagement, more and more companies are embracing informal and formal mentoring programs. Why?

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Stacy Mulholland, PE

The Importance of Obtaining Your Professional License

Hard work and determination. Those are attributes I learned early on while growing up with two brothers, who taught me how to be competitive, how to be a strong female surrounded by men and how to not back down from a challenge. These lessons helped shape me to be the engineer that I am today!

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Jenna Gardner, PE and Lizzie Wilson, PE

BGE Engineers Making a Difference in Tanzania

Water is undeniably one of Earth’s most precious and underappreciated resources. Here in the United States, we have unfettered access to some source of water at any given time, so it’s easy to forget the same cannot be said in other regions of the world.

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Chuck Davis, PE

Leading a New Regional Office in a Pandemic

Many of us are taught to be strategic and anticipate potential shortfalls in the corporate arena. But what happens when you’re asked to help open and manage a new office from scratch for a rapidly growing company and the world turns upside down?

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Makenzie Davis, PE

Our Biggest Takeaways from Texas Water 2022

The annual Texas Water Conference returned to in-person this year, and many of my coworkers and I were fortunate enough to attend.

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Gary Babb

Three Ways Drone Technology Impacts Engineering

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in day-to-day use. From filming live events to delivering packages to keeping an eye on wildlife, the use and impact of the technology are growing rapidly, including in the design and construction industry.

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Cydney Schwarzlose and Marketing

Pollution Prevention (P2) Week 2021 – We All Have a Role

While this week marks the official start of Fall, we are also shining the spotlight on Pollution Prevention (P2) Week.

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