For everyone at BGE, safety is more than just checking a box. It’s checking every box twice. More than anything, we value our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we operate. Protecting them is our priority, which is why we’ve made sure that the processes and protocols of safety are in the very mortar of our culture.

Because we live in a continually evolving world, our safety policies are dynamic and vigilant, meeting the highest standards set by our clients and our company, along with any regulatory requirements established by local, state, or federal agencies. BGE’s Safety Committee, which includes board members and service leaders, establishes regulatory policy and training procedures—driving them through every corner of the organization.

Our safety program is supported by online safety management systems, including ISNetworld, PICS, BROWZ, and more. Program members lead our job safety analyses, OSHA recordable injuries, and near-miss incident reporting, as well as internal programs. When it comes to our systems, regulations, and training, we respond to and align with the needs of our clients in a way that earns their trust. It’s a trust we never stop striving to earn.