Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Lovey Reynolds

What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be successful in construction management?

I believe that having a strong work ethic has enabled me to excel in construction management. I feel that I am reliable, and my coworkers can count on me if they need assistance. I have strong beliefs that if you have respect and courtesy of others, you will succeed in getting the job done. It is important to have a good relationship with individuals involved in construction. Being able to communicate and solve problems before they escalate. I feel that my sense of loyalty and honesty in how I was raised has provided me guidelines for a successful career in construction management.

What is the best part of your job at BGE?

BGE is probably one of the best career choices I made. The company as a whole has taken my career to a new level. I have been here for over 8 years already, and it seems like I only started yesterday. Being able to come to work for a company that appreciates what you have to offer in experience is a plus in my book any day. The foundation BGE has established for its employees through company events, socials, etc., has shown me that BGE has a relationship with its employees, and that means a lot!

There are many different industries that one could build a career out of. Why did you choose construction management?

I guess you could say construction runs in my family. Out of five siblings, three of us worked and retired from TxDOT (I was there for 28 years), and my son is currently a Project Manager for TxDOT. After retirement, my siblings and I went to separate consulting firms. As things would happen, we were soon united again, working for BGE (my brother is currently in Construction Management, and my sister joined in mid-February). My career choice needed to be stable, and I feel that there will always be construction one way or another. Stability is a must for me!

What do you think is the biggest misconception about the construction industry?

I think when people hear the word “construction,” they think of delays, headaches, and problems. It’s hard for people to realize that to keep up with growth and technology, you must have a few “hiccups” to get to a better outcome. I think construction should be referred to as the new development of the future.

If you could choose any celebrity to work alongside you on a construction project, who would it be, and what role would they play?

I think it would have to be Martha Stewart. She is known for her ability to innovate ideas and make them unique in their own way. I see her as a designer and developer with innovative ways to make the project go well from start to finish.