Drawing from a diverse pool of dedicated talent, BGE is an engineering consulting firm for numerous public and private clients. We provide services in civil engineering, surveying, planning, construction management, environmental science, public works, landscape architecture, water resources, land and site development, industrial development, and transportation systems.

We are all driven to serve our clients and our communities in ways that reinforce our long-standing reputation built on integrity. Founded in 1975, our footprint extends across the U.S.


Many companies lead from the top down. At BGE, we lead from the inside out. Our founders, president, and senior management set the example with the values of our company, but we are all internally driven to be and do our best in all things. The result is a vibrant and collaborative work family operating in a culture of respect and appreciation.

Our executive management has always led by example, passionately embracing the standards set for the entire company.


Serving. Leading. Solving.™ That’s both the essence of our brand and a succinct description of what we do. As we serve our clients and our communities, we are guided by our core values. Integrity, commitment, respect, and our excellent reputation set the standards for how we conduct ourselves in every relationship. It’s who we are; it’s what we do—it’s our BGE Way.

Ultimately, what distinguishes BGE is not what we do, but the way we do it—the BGE Way


At BGE, our safety mindset is built around awareness and continuous improvement—always meeting the standards set by those we value—our clients, our communities, and ourselves. More than words in a manual, our culture is comprised of a company-wide Safety Committee, training, external professional consultant resources, and online management systems in which every employee is actively involved.

Our safety policies are dynamic and vigilant, meeting the highest standards set by our clients and our company.


We are as passionate about our volunteer efforts as we are about the work we do. From local food banks to STEM programs to addressing the global water crisis, we are committed to serving the underserved. We have been given so much, and as such, we look to give back.

Our approach to community engagement is two-fold—focusing on education and serving the underserved.