Living Water International

Joey Gallegos, EIT, recently used his personal vacation time to travel to the village of Tepeagua in El Salvador with Living Water International. During the week-long trip, Joey and fellow Living Water volunteers worked to provide a clean source of water for the residents and provide education about the importance of clean water and personal hygiene. “I was surprised by the condition of the water in Tepeagua,” says Joey. “They were using an open source water well; that means anything in the surrounding environment could find its way into the water and potentially contaminate it.”

“Even the way they retrieved their water was potentially hazardous-the PVC pipe they used to funnel water into their receptacles was lined with mold and debris.”

With help from Living Water International drillers, the group used a drill rig to help create a pumping system for a new water well for the village. They also installed a hand pump to make it easier for villagers to retrieve the water.  “I realized during this trip how something I consider to be part of everyday life is seen as a privilege or luxury in villages like Tepeagua. It made me reflect on just how many basic things I take for granted at home.”