Mustang Ridge Business Park

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Client: Clay Development
City: Mustang Ridge
State: Texas
Services: Construction Management, Environmental Services, Land/Site Development, Surveying

BGE provided construction management, environmental, land/site development, and surveying services for 56.63 acres of industrial-use land located along the US 183 corridor in Mustang Ridge, Texas. Phase I of this project included a 218,400-square-foot industrial building.

The project did not have wastewater availability, so BGE uniquely subdivided the property into four lots to allow for each building to have its own septic facility. This septic design considers future conditions where wastewater capacity is available and may easily be converted from septic to future wastewater service. Another challenge was that the client wanted the global “park” improvements in a separate plan set from the “building” improvements that only served Phase I. Consequently, BGE had to break apart the design into multiple, concurrent plan sets that were seamlessly designed and interrelated. Lastly, TxDOT required their improvements to be in another separate set of plans, so BGE created independent but interrelated construction plan sets to satisfy the requests of both the client and state municipality.

BGE was proud to be part of this project, as it provides a tax base for the city. It also provides employment for the surrounding area.