BGE Announces August New Hires

Welcome graphic for new hires at BGE, Inc. in August 2021.

BGE, Inc. today announced its new hires for the month of August. The new employees joined the company in multiple offices across the firm’s footprint in various service lines. BGE is growing quickly, and the latest additions help the company meet the growing demands of the area it serves. Below is the complete list of employees who recently came aboard.

Cameron Broadnax
Surveying, Houston
Osvaldo Quintero
Surveying, Houston
Laine Buller
Construction Management, Hot Springs
Nikki Simonini
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Frisco
Angelica Calderon
Land/Site, San Antoni
Romando Stanburry
Surveying, Houston
Angelica Cobb
Human Resources, Houston
Sami Stevens
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Houston
Samantha Ferez
Corporate, North Austin
Laura Walden
Real Estate, Houston
Alexis Hall
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Charlotte
Noelle Whitney
Construction Management, Frisco
Junior Krolczyk
Construction Management, Houston
Colten Wilbanks
Surveying, Houston
Nathan Pogue
Surveying, Houston
Bob Zumwalt, RLA
Planning and Landscape Architecture, Raleigh

There are still various positions open at BGE that the company is looking to fill, including the following:

Service Desk Analyst | San Antonio
Senior Project Manager – Water Resources | Frisco
Senior Project Manager – Site Development | Charlotte

Interested professionals can click here to view all available positions at the firm.