BGE Can Sculpture on Display as Part of Charitable Event

DALLAS (September 13, 2017) – Charitable giving, canned goods and engineering expertise came together for BGE’s sculpture on display at NorthPark Mall as part of the 2017 Dallas Canstruction charity event benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.

This is the fourth year BGE has participated in the international event that brings engineers, architects, contractors and schools together to build structures completely from canned goods, which then are donated to area food banks.

The BGE sculpture, which is on display through September 23, depicts water flowing from a manual pump into the shape of a heart.

“We hold the change in our cans” reflects the company’s commitment to making a difference in our communities and throughout the world by helping provide safe drinking water, said BGE Canstruction Team Captain Chris Kuykendall.

“From our engineering projects to volunteer work, we are involved in making sure people have safe drinking water,” he said. “Our design team, led by Co-captain Heidi Fischer, imagined a unique design. It depicts a manual pump with a heart-shaped water flow into a cupped hand on the ground. Building what they imagined was a fun challenge for the group.”

Employees from BGE’s North Texas Region planned and built the sculpture, and the Austin BGE team helped in collecting the specific type of canned goods needed for the sculpture, Fischer said.

“We selected the canned goods based on the design. Our colors and labels had to work, so our list of what we needed was very specific and included Kroger Cream Style Corn, Aldi Diced Tomatoes, HEB Albacore Tuna and Aldi Tuna Pouches,” Fischer said. “We had about 6 hours to build the actual structure, and each can was carefully added to prevent the structure from collapsing.”

BGE employees were Chris Kuykendall, Heidi Fischer, Jodie Couch, Chad Ostrander, Sylvia Gonzalez, Samantha DeLeon, Ashley Chronister, Wes McClure, Kara Britt, Blake Axen, Colton Gill, Broderick Williams, Daniel Stanbery, Stephen Walls, Erin Magee, Guy Bradley, and Joy Youngblood.

Voting for a People’s Choice Award is ongoing. You can see all the sculptures and vote at