Village At Hutto Station

Renderings courtesy of Empire Group of Companies

Client: Empire Group of Companies
City: Hutto
State: Texas
Services: Environmental Services, Land/Site Development, Planning + Landscape Architecture, Surveying

BGE played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development of the Village at Hutto Station project in Hutto, Texas, delivering a spectrum of services encompassing environmental, land/site development, planning, landscape architecture, and surveying. Comprising a blend of 276 one-story attached and detached homes, the project is strategically positioned along Williamson County’s recently established Southeast Loop, designed to enhance traffic flow in the surrounding area.

One of the noteworthy challenges faced was the rugged topography of the land coupled with the existence of a pre-existing pond. BGE, employing strategic retrofitting techniques, repurposed the pond to serve as a detention facility, a key element in mitigating the impact of the steep terrain and ensuring the resilience of the proposed improvements. This innovative solution not only addressed the challenge at hand but also contributed to the project’s overall sustainability.

Navigating the intricacies of the project, BGE adeptly coordinated with the ongoing construction of the Southeast Loop roadway enhancements during the design phase. This proactive approach ensured a seamless integration of our design efforts with the evolving infrastructure improvements, ultimately optimizing traffic management in and around the development.

In a proactive move to expedite the project’s progression, BGE successfully executed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to secure city approval before initiating the design phase. This strategic maneuver not only streamlined regulatory processes but also showcased BGE’s commitment to efficient project delivery.

Demonstrating a commitment to exceeding expectations, BGE collaborated with the Empire Group of Companies to introduce a right-turn deceleration lane into the site, a thoughtful addition that enhanced accessibility. This collaborative effort, although surpassing code requirements, exemplifies our dedication to client satisfaction and community-centric design.

The Village at Hutto Station stands as a testament to BGE’s ability to address and overcome multifaceted challenges, delivering tailored solutions that contribute to the project’s overall success. Our strategic integration of diverse engineering disciplines ensures the sustainable and efficient development of this residential enclave, promising lasting benefits for both our client and the community at large.