Amazon FTW5 Distribution Center

Photo courtesy of Aerial Photography, Inc. and Catamount Constructors, Inc.

Client: Seefried Industrial Properties
City: Forney
State: Texas
Services: Construction Management, Environmental Services, Land/Site Development, Surveying, Planning + Landscape Architecture, Public Works, Transportation Services

BGE’s site development team provided civil engineering services for an expansive 80-acre lot, housing a massive Amazon distribution center spanning 1,080,308 square feet in Forney, Texas. Also included on the site was an adjoining surface parking lot accommodating up to 1,000 vehicles of various sizes, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, and 18-wheelers. The design encompassed a range of crucial site elements such as grading, paving, underground utilities (water, sewer, and stormwater), and the incorporation of multiple detention ponds within the site’s limitations.

An important consideration for design was the presence of jurisdictional waters on the property. These waters required careful design planning to avoid the need for costly mitigation measures and potential conflicts in scheduling and design. By implementing minor modifications to the original site plans, the BGE team successfully navigated these challenges to ensure compliance and stay within budget and schedule constraints.

Additionally, BGE’s transportation team played a key role in the project by providing design for an extension of the adjacent roadway, Akron Way, approximately 3,000 feet in length. This extension facilitated the connection between County Road 212 and Gateway Boulevard, enhancing accessibility and improving traffic flow in the area.

The property contained jurisdictional waters which the BGE team would have to design around in order to avoid any mitigation measures and further scheduling and design conflicts. By making small design changes to the original site plans, our team was able to avoid these costly mitigation measures to stay within budget and schedule.