Dallas Midtown

Client: Beck Ventures
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Services: Land/Site Development, Surveying, Transportation Systems

Dallas, Texas’ old Valley View Mall, once a bustling shopping destination, is currently being redeveloped as a multi-phase, mixed-use development spread across a sprawling 67-acre tract of land. With a budget of $5 billion, this redevelopment project aims to breathe new life into the area with approximately 4,000 condos/apartments, multiple office towers, a luxurious hotel, a state-of-the-art movie theater, and a public park. The civil design includes paving, grading, drainage, and utilities required for the 15 city blocks encompassed within the development.

Before construction could begin, the existing shopping mall had to be demolished. This process demanded meticulous coordination among Dallas City officials, franchise utility companies, and neighboring property owners. The complex network of underground infrastructure required modification in which BGE prepared survey documents, designed utility relocations, and skillfully managed the various approvals necessary to meet the demanding schedule.

Looking beyond the immediate needs of the development, BGE’s scope also included the proposed public streets and the need to leave ample space for a future elevated, autonomous people mover. This addition would facilitate travel throughout the larger 450-acre zoning district, offering convenience and efficiency to residents and visitors alike.

This project represents a catalyst for the revitalization of the former shopping mall site, a long-standing priority for the community. The project aligned perfectly with the client’s mission of creating a vibrant and complete neighborhood, integrating residential living, entertainment options, and modern office spaces. With their meticulous planning, design expertise, and commitment to community development, BGE was at the forefront of this remarkable endeavor, ushering in a new era of prosperity and vitality in Dallas.